Strategic Location
Dundee is one of Scotland's most progressive cities situated on the North East coast of Scotland on the banks of the River Tay, city with a diverse economy and a wealth of new investment. Growing industries include biotechnology, high-tech manufacturing, retail and customer services, combined with an impressive level of investment in infrastructure and public facilities.

Dundee has a growing reputation for knowledge and innovation. This is primarily due to the existence of the city's educational institutions and digital media firms, and the associated research and application of new technologies they are implementing.

Dundee offers an exceptional quality of life with good quality, affordable housing, excellent education and healthcare facilities, and access to a comprehensive range of sporting and leisure facilities.

Population and Workforce
Dundee has a population of 143,000, a travel to work population of 300,000 within 30 minutes and 600,000 within a 60 minute drive time. Dundee strategic location means 90% of Scotland's population lives within 90 minutes of the City.

Dundee has availability of a large pool of highly skilled labour is a key feature in the Dundee economy. Dundee is literally a "smart" location with a startlingly large amount of "brain ware". Employers confirm that the local workforce is extremely loyal and flexible and this is illustrated by staff turnover rates that are well below the national average.

Key Sectors
Life Sciences - this sector has developed an international reputation based on the world class scientific research which is taking place within the University of Dundee. The sector now employs over 3,900 people including 600 scientists from across the world. The recent announcement that Wyeth, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, is basing the world's first translational medical research centre in the city highlights the status Dundee now has in the life science sector.

The Creative Industries - Dundee has an expanding cluster of businesses, organisations and individuals engaged in the digital media and creative industries sector. There are over 350 businesses operating in the area of digital media in Tayside with the majority of these based in Dundee, employing over 2,000 people and generating a combined annual turnover of £185million. Computer games and electronic entertainment, software development, animation, film & TV, graphic design, publishing and music are just some of the specialisms in which Dundee companies excel.

Financial Services - A significant number of companies within the financial services are based in the city employing in total 4,000 people within Tayside, the majority of which are based in Dundee. Companies already based here including Alliance Trusts and BNP Paribas state the adaptable and intellectual workforce from the Universities along with low property costs and its proximity to Edinburgh International Airport and London City Airport (via Dundee) are key components to their presence in Dundee.

Knowledge Economy
The City is home to the University of Dundee, University of Abertay Dundee, Al-Maktoum Institute for Islamic & Arabic Studies and Dundee college - over 40,000 students study in the city each year. Dundee has a 1:6 student/population ratio - the highest ratio of Scotland's 32 local Authorities.

Dundee University was named Scottish University of the Year and number one for teaching excellence in Scotland (Sunday Times University Guide). Scientists also voted Dundee University one of the world's most attractive workplaces in an international poll.

The University of Abertay offers world-leading courses in Computer Arts & Computer Games Technology as well as Ethical Hacking, Countermeasures & Computer Security.

For the 2nd year running Dundee has been named one of the world's Top 7 Intelligent Communities by a prestigious New York think tank - ICF.

A rolling programme of investment in the city continues with The University of Dundee in the midst of a £200million campus redevelopment, US pharmaceutical giant is investing £50million in a translational medicine research centre and Lend Lease's Overgate shopping centre are planning a £50million extension.

Alliance Trust, one of the UK's largest investment funds are also mid way through their build of a £12 million investment in new headquarters in the city. This is combined with an impressive level of investment in infrastructure and public facilities including the £300million Dundee Waterfront transformation.

Dundee Waterfront


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