Mayor ClarkeFor more than four decades, Gold Coast City has been one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia.

This growth has translated into flourishing tourism and urban development sectors and has boosted the expansion of the city's economic base across a diverse range of industries that include education, sport, health, environment, creative, ICT, food and marine.

Gold Coast City Council's strong encouragement and practical support for business includes the employment of a team of business development officers whose job is to assist firms to expand or relocate to the city. Their support includes information and guidance on relevant Queensland and Australian Government programs, assistance with streamlining applications, and introductions to local industry networks and key players.

Our city offers new and established businesses a dynamic, economic environment ideal for growth and has grown by an average of 12,900 people per year since 2001. Our proximity to the Asia-Pacific region and major transport infrastructure increases regional export potential.

Gold Coast City Council works collaboratively with the Queensland and Australian Governments to provide a world-class infrastructure and low-cost business environment that supports development and expansion.

High levels of tertiary education and a multi-cultural community combine to provide businesses with a skilled, multi-lingual workforce. I urge you to compare the extremely competitive office and industrial costs of our city.

Not the least of Gold Coast City's many advantages for new and established businesses is the relaxed lifestyle and diverse attractions that continue to make this one of Australia's most popular and enduring tourism destinations.

I warmly welcome your interest in our city and wish you great success as part of our dynamic business community.

Mayor Ron Clarke


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