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Hardware Software Services Training/Education Limited... more >>
B-free Pty LtdB-FREE: WINNER OF MICROSOFT SOFTWARE SOLUTION OF THE YEAR B-free was founded in 2001 by entrepreneurs Jeff Rogers and Lisa Fletcher. The B-free product suite was officially launched by the Hon. Ton... more >>
Bannerman Technology LimitedWebsites, Web Design, e-commerce, CRM, Online Electronic Ticketing and Bespoke Software Specialists. Bannerman Technology was founded in 2005 and is based in Dundee's "Cultural Quarter" in S... more >>
Conference Online Pty LtdConference Online is a sophisticated, web-based portal specifically designed for the conference, events and travel industry. It is also an intermediary, bringing buyers and suppliers together and off... more >>
International Plastic Card Corporation Pty LtdInternational Plastic Card Corporation (I.P.C.C) is situated in Queensland, on the East Coast of Australia. I.P.C.C  specializes in the production of  Smart Cards, Drivers Licenses, Colour Plasti... more >>
Intrepica Pty LtdIntrepica Pty Ltd is a privately owned software company that is developing a fully interactive, real-time web-based product that teaches English literacy and reading skills. All development work is co... more >>
Irt Surveys ltdWe take thermal images of buildings and quantify them for energy loss and carbon dioxide emissions. We have developed an online web portal that allows anyone to upload their thermal images and have th... more >>
MacMicroMacMicro Inc., incorporated in 1991, is a software publisher and IT consulting services provider. Published software includes Lead Follow-Up, a drip marketing tool available on AppExcha... more >>
Moonwalk Universal P/LMoonwalk Universal develops software for enterprise scale Information Lifecycle Management across various environments that currently include Netware, Windows and Linux. Moonwalk, a new generation Pol... more >>
Op40Op40 is a privately held software company that has achieved a technological breakthrough in the area of distributed Internet services. Op40's product suite, called DIS (Distributed Internet Server), p... more >>
ThoughtWareThoughtWare the proud devleopers of i.on my business- an evidence based governance, risk management, compliance and accreditation solution. i.on my business helps micro businesses through to large e... more >>
TPLDTPLD is one of the global leaders in the emerging Serious Games market. We are focused on delivering Games-Based Learning (GBL) solutions and technologies to aid organisations in their drive for compe... more >>
Waracle Ltd.... more >>

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